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Donate to E2LI

Support E2LI endeavors by giving a monthly or one-time donation.  Donations will help create events and resources that will influence positive social change in our communities. Funds are needed for research, increased technology such as web hosting, recording equipment, software, and human resources.

There are two ways that you can donate. The most helpful for us would be a monthly donation. Your donations will help us set a monthly operating budget. You can cancel at any time.

We understand if you prefer to give a one-time donation to say “Thank You”! We are grateful small and large donations.


All donations are handled through Paypal.


There are no refunds on donations.


E2LI thanks you in advance for your support.

Charity Awareness
Group Dialogue
Social Events
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32oz. Sport Water Bottle w/Infuser

Free w/donation of $25 or more.

Click "Donate" & share your mailing address for shipping!


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