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About Us


Tywana Williams, Ph.D. obtained a Doctorate in Management specializing in leadership and organizational change. Before her doctoral endeavor, Dr. Ty earned a Master’s degree in psychology. As a psychology major, Dr. Ty began to access behaviors that contribute to personal & professional success. As an entrepreneur consultant, Dr. Ty utilized her passion for helping others as she began to merge life coaching as an additional service. Through research and experience, Dr. Ty learned the importance of empowerment within both personal and professional development.


Although leadership management of multiple generations is her focal point, through research, she has identified empowerment as a source of developing a positive relationship for success in and outside of the workplace. Dr. Ty asserts that the challenge in today’s world is navigating social and economic adversity while increasing performance. In particular, is the impact of generational differences that have resulted in conflict, difficulties in how information is communicated and processed. 


Based on these findings, E2LI was developed to provide coaching and resources to promote positive social change that will enable thought-provoking interactions that embrace diversity to increase innovation. The knowledge provides a coaching platform to inform and serve individuals who aspire toward fulfilling their life’s purpose by coaching others. 


E2LI will provide a global platform through social events, seminars, and resource materials to present enlightened content and conversations that will ignite positive social change.


Sharing knowledge is the key to empowerment. E2LI will illuminate individual, and collective characteristics to address societal demands as well as identify tools to cope with personal and professional change.


Based on this information our vision is very simple: Inspire one to inspire all.


E2LI’s mission is to create and promote positive social events that enable successful personal and professional outcomes.


E2LI events will celebrate the gift of sharing; whether in business, arts, or social science, our goal is to create an environment that facilitates growth.

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